Tuition and Fees
Educational Cost Per Child
(For non-Catholic and Catholic families who do not attend SJF Church as indicated by the use the weekly envelopes/e-giving)
  Year 10 payments
1 student $8,300 $830
2 students $16,600 $1,660
3 students $24,900 $2,490
4 students $33,200 $3,320
Discounted Tuition
(For Catholic families who regularly attend SJF church as indicated by use of the weekly envelopes/e-giving)
  Year 10 payments
1 student $5,400 $540
2 students $10,800 $1080
3 students $13,500 $1,350
4 students $13,500 $1,350

General Fee: $700 per child non-refundable) (this includes,textbooks, health services, student insurance, computer fee, SchoolSpeak, SchoolReach, earthquake/disaster fee, standardized testing, and some art materials,)

PTA Fee $50 (per family) covers costs for the phone directory, hospitality, and Christmas luncheon)

Graduation Fee: $250 (8th grade only) includes yearbook--nonrefundable


Capital Improvement Fee: $500 (New Families only payable by check) This fee is assessed so that new families may contribute to recent capital expenditure/maintenance, as returning families have already done. (non-refundable)

Returned Check Fee: $25

FACTS Tuition Management
In the events FACTS is unable to withdraw a tuition payment, there will be a $30 penalty payable to FACTS and $25 payable to the school.

There are two options for payment of tuition:
  • Payment in full by August 1
  • Enroll with FACTS. Families are able to view their account and have 24/7 access. Ten tuition payments will be withdrawn beginning in September and ending in June. See attached schedule of deductions for specific dates.

In order to receive the discounted rate, you are requested to use the parish envelopes/e-giving using Faith Direct to indicate your attendance at Mass. Please remember that our philosophy states that we are preparing our students to, “participate both in the spiritual and liturgical life of the parish…” We ask that you support our goals by attending weekly Mass and participating in the sacraments and parish activities.

The Parent Agreement, which you sign each year states: “I understand that the discounted rate is for parish members who help support the parish through weekly attendance at Mass as indicated by the use of parish envelopes/e-giving. Tuition rate will be evaluated and adjusted if necessary prior to the beginning of each semester”. There is no set dollar amount required in the parish/weekly envelope. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our pastor, Msgr. Sork.