St Pius X

God’s grace is made present to us through our experience of community. Just as God resides in community within the Trinity, His presence is made known to us in our echoing of that divine mystery through our relational, grace-filled experiences with others.
House contains students from kindergarten through eighth grade who will remain in their house for their years at St. Pius X. Each house will work together to earn points by participating in various aspects of student life, including: attending school events, dressing up for spirit week, participating in extracurricular activities and even serving in the community. The goal of the house system is to promote fellowship between different grades, encourage school spirit, and develop a heart for service. The “House Cup” will be awarded to the house that has the greatest number of points at the end of the school year.
Houses will meet monthly to engage in playful, team-building activities. Whole school activities involving all the houses will be scheduled on an ongoing basis and include house lunches, pep rallies, field days, house Masses, and other special events.
Our goals is for students to see themselves as part of an even greater collective which includes the school as a whole, and no longer con¬sider the parameters for their school relationships to be the contents within their classroom walls.

House Names

St. Nicholas
Mary’s Angels
St. Theresa
St. Peter
St. Francis de Sales
St. John
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Scholastic
St. Ambrose

HOUSE CUP WINNER - 2012-13 – St. Nicholas
HOUSE CUP WINNER - 2013-14 -- St. Ambrose
HOUSE CUP WINNER - 2014-15 - Mary's Angels
HOUSE CUP WINNER - 2015-16 - St. Ambrose
HOUSE CUP WINNER - 2016-17 - St.Scholastica                    
HOUSE CUP WINNER - 2017-18 -  St. Theresa