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Volunteering Requirements

Updated on May 30, 2018 01:06 PM by Speak 2, School

Volunteering at SJC

All school and parish volunteers who have contact with children must complete two requirements before volunteering.

  1. Fingerprint Clearance
  2. Completing Diocesan "Safe Environment Training" (an online training that takes about an hour or so) Fingerprint Clearance

To receive your fingerprint clearance you will need to schedule an appointment with a Local LiveScan Station. A list of LiveScan locations is attached below or you can go to the Attorney General's Website for LiveScan Locations.

You will need to bring the following to your LiveScan appointment:

  1. Three copies of the attached LiveScan Application with the Applicant Data section completed. PLEASE USE ADOBE ACROBAT TO PRINT THIS FILE. Preview on OS X does not print the correct information. The correct form should have "304 - St. Joseph School - Cupertino" listed as "Your Number:", DOJ and FBI checked, and the cost should be $67 at the bottom of the file.
  2. A current government issued ID - driver's license, CA ID card, passport, etc.
  3. Payment to cover the cost for the scan. The cost and payment methods vary based on which LiveScan Station is used. The cost is approximately $67.

Safe Environment Training

You can complete your Safe Environment Training by going on-line to www.virtusonline.org and taking the course: Protecting God's Children.  See the attached document on how to register.

When you are finished with your training you will need to print your certificate of completion and send a copy to the school office.

Teen Volunteers (Ages 14 – 18)
Youth between the ages of 14 up to their 18 birthday, must complete the VIRTUS® Healthy Relationships for Teens online training course for volunteer service eligibility and must renew the training every 2 years to maintain eligibility up to 18 years of age. Once the teen reaches 18 years of age, they are required to take the adult training programs in order to continue their service.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Ann Kimm at livescan@sjcschool.org.

File Attachments:
Instructions for Teen Program [VIRTUS-Online-registration-instructions_San-Jose_October-2017_Teen-Program.pdf]