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Posted on Apr 16, 2021 05:04 PM by Fink, Jennifer

"The CBC By-Laws have been updated from the 2004 version. This update details some of the activities that are supported and the purpose of the organization. Initially the CBC fundraised to provide family activities for SFHG. Currently with all of the fundraising efforts, the CBC is able to help pay for the various activities that happen in and around our school such as Shining Knight and the Halloween Carnival. The CBC also provides funding for other types of needs such as 8th grade diplomas and field trip transportation. Additionally, the fundraising efforts in the past several years have afforded the organization to donate money towards new copy machines as well as Christmas gifts to the staff.
The updated by-laws can be read more in detail by selecting the C.B.C Parent Club link on SchoolSpeak. There is also a new google form that can be filled out online (instead of printing the .pdf and handing it in) if you need monetary funding for a SFHG school event or activity.