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What is RaiseRight Gift Card Fundraising?

Updated on Oct 05, 2023 02:13 PM by Dietsche, Sue

What is RaiseRight?

    • When you purchase RaiseRight gift cards, you’re purchasing ecards and physical gift cards that are used just like cash. You can use these cards to pay for everyday expenses like groceries, gas, restaurants, and other essentials!

    • Each gift card has a percentage the retailer sets that will earn credit towards a student’s BLH tuition account.

    • You can also support school programs like the libraries, science lab, and tuition assistance without paying more than you normally would!

    How do I enroll in the RaiseRight program?

    • Email bllhscrip@mybllh.org to let us know you are interested and get our enrollment code.

    • Set up your account at RaiseRight.com and/or on the RaiseRight app once you hear from the volunteer coordinator.

    How do I order the gift cards?

    • Using either the app or website, add gift cards to your cart. You have the option of physical cards (some of which are reloadable) or ecards, based on the store.

    • Checkout online or in the app, paying by check, cash, bank account or credit card. If you pay by check or cash, we will send your order when the BLS school office receives your payment. If you pay by bank account or credit card, egift cards will be available to use within a few minutes!

    How do I get my gift cards?

    • When you order egift cards they are available within a few minutes to use right from the RaiseRight app, or you may print them and use them at the store or online.

    • When you order physical gift cards, the RaiseRight coordinator will get in touch with you when they arrive at the BLS office and set up a time for you to pick them up, or they can be sent home with your student.

    • Some physical gift cards have the option to ship directly to your home. You will see this when you check out, if available.

    What fees are involved?

    • $0.29 fee per order if you pay directly from your bank account

    **this is the most efficient way to pay**

    • $0 fee if you pay by check or cash to BLH

    • 2.6% fee if you pay by credit card

    • $10.50 shipping fee for physical gift cards sent to BLS (we combine orders whenever possible to reduce this cost for you!)

    • $0.50 per order plus $0.50 per card for physical gift cards to be sent to your house (when ship-to-home is available)

    Is there an App?

    • Yes! The Raiseright app is an excellent resource. You can buy and use egift cards right in the app so you always have them with you!

    Can I get a refund or replacement if I lose one of the cards that I purchased through RaiseRight?

    • No, unfortunately gift cards are like cash. If you lose it, it’s gone.

    How do I maximize my earnings?

    • When you are in any store, check to see if there is an egift card to buy and use immediately!

    • Buy and use egift cards so you don’t pay shipping fees.

    • Use RaiseRight cards as gifts for teachers, Christmas, and birthdays.

    • Have grandparents, relatives, and neighbors buy gift cards through you.

    • Use RaiseRight before you travel for big ticket items like gas, airlines, hotels, and Airbnbs.

    I have a question about the BLH RaiseRight program. Whom should I contact?