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Boys A-team VALPO trip 2019

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Donations to help make the trip possible, would be greatly appreciated ! 

Entry Fee $300 -

State Champion Banner @ $200

Head Coach Hotel room @ $405

Assistant Coaches Hotel room @ $405


You can watch all games and the opening ceremony live online at

or try

For important communications during the tournament, please sign up for LBAA free text messaging service:

Your information will be removed following the tournament and will not be used for any other purpose.


God, then school, then athletics

Schedule: - the following assumes we continue to win !!! All times are central time zone, Valpo is Central time zone.

Thursday, Arrive at BLS by 6:30 AM to board the bus

- Bus will leave BEFORE 7:00 am

- @ noon we will stop for fast food lunch at Exit 185, Beloit, WI (Wendys 608-365-3679, Arbys 608-312-2696)

- 3:00 pm arrive at the hotel for check in

- 3:45pm Bus leaves hotel for University
- 4:00 Doors open for the Opening Celebration 

- 4:15 pm find a seat at Opening Celebration and Praise (Banner Carriers - Cornilii & Cole) meet under the altar @ 4:40 to carry banner) Players will sit together as a team in reserved seats, fans will sit wherever we can find space, bring camera, and get there early, it will be standing room only. Wear your Valpo shirts!!!

- 5:00 pm Opening of Celebration and Praise at Valparaiso Chapel of the Resurrection

- 6 :00 pm bus takes us to Dinner

- 8:00 pm bus returns to Hotel

- write name on tag of VALPO shirts, we will collect and do a group wash – _______?? has volunteered, Thank you, Coach Zoellner will have $$$ and laundry soap.

- 9 :30 pm curfew (players and non-players see rules attached)


Free Breakfast at the hotel

- 8:30am Bus leaves hotel.

- 10:20am win first game in the RED gym, vs. Salem, Tomball, TX - wear WHITE uniforms  -  collect for washing between games.

Walk to chapel and see if available for group photo, players wear uniforms fans wear STATE champion shirts 

- 11:30am bus leaves University for LUNCH stop at shopping center (Chili's, McD, etc.)

- 1:30ish pm bus returns to HOTEL, players get rest, hydration, and get your mind ready.

- 5:30 pmBus leaves HOTEL for second game.

- 7:00 PM win second game in RED gym vs. TBD - wear GREEN uniforms collect uniforms for wash

8:15pm  bus leaves university to return to Hotel 

- 9:30 pm curfew – lights out by 10 PM, if we lost at 10:20 am, if we won then curfew is ???pm.


- 7:45am bus leaves hotel for game in RED gym vs. TBD - wear GREEN uniformscollect uniforms for wash
- 9:10AM (if we didn't win 1st game) win game in RED gym vs. TBD - wear GREEN uniforms collect uniforms for wash
- 10:15am walk to the Chapel for group photo – everyone - come dressed in uniform & warm-ups –fans in VALPO shirts!

- Eat at UNION (cash only) across from the chapel at the University for lunch or local restaurants

- Dinner Saturday night ??? Open to ideas !

Gelsomoso Pizza -

Call ahead for order and get total, one 1/2 hour, before pickup, Coach pay then reimburse.

- 10:30 pm curfew – lights out by 11:00PM


- Check out

- ________ am Bus leaves hotel.

- ________ am Bus returns to hotel for checkout ?????

- Return home after our last game of the day or award ceremony. Last year the last championship game started at 4:20. So wouldn't leave before 6:00pm.

Admission Prices 2019 - children under 10 FREE

Tournament wristband on Friday (3 days) Adult $20.00 Student $6.00 **

Tournament wristband on Saturday (2 days) Adult $15.00 Student $5.00 **

Daily: Adult $10.00 Student $3.00

Worship: We may worship on Saturday or Sunday morning, IF we are not playing games, or we may have to worship back in Minnesota on Monday night at BLC, 7:00 pm.

Souvenirs – Buy your Nationals shirts, etc. early if you don’t want to miss out. By Saturday many of the popular sizes are gone. Merchandise will also be on sale on the web site.

LBAA will provide WIFI. "Case Sensitive" Username: LBAA Password: LBAA2019

Hospitality room for parents/adult friends is sponsored by Valparaiso University in the ARC by the racket ball courts.

Fellowship: WELS members may have concerns in this area. It is up to each family to participate at the level your conscience allows. You are not required to participate in the Opening Ceremony. You may wish to observe or not attend. If you have more questions, feel free to contact Coach Zoellner or any of the pastoral staff at Bloomington Living Hope Lutheran Church.



a. In their OWN rooms at 10:30??? PM (9:30 on Thursday night) . GET rest

b. Lights out at 11:00 PM???. (10:00pm on Thursday)


No swimming on the day of a game, until after your game has been played (this includes cheerleaders). Remember swimming, saunas, and hot tubs drain athletes of their energy which does affect them the next day. If you use the hot tub and/or sauna after your games, please use in moderation .


a. Children should NOT be running in and out or around the university.

b. No one should be on the playing court unless they are involved in that particular game.


d. There should not be any pranks, squirt guns, water balloons, toilet papering, etc.

e. We strongly urge the parents to not allow students (boys & girls together) in the rooms unsupervised.

Parents, it is NOT the prime responsibility of the coaches to discipline your children. Please accept the responsibilities for your child as well as the children you have "adopted" for the weekend. Please be sure that their behavior and yours is Christ-like as you relax around the hotel. Some concern has been raised about boys and girls fraternizing, so please supervise your children very closely. Again, this is YOUR responsibility not the coaches or others parents . It is important that our Christian character shine through at all times. Remember to respect the referees who officiate our games. They are doing the best they can.

Dress Code:

We want to look and act as Christian champions, so please dress appropriately. Players, you may wear your warm-ups to the games. For the 1 st game, wear your ????? uniform under your warm-up. Bring both your uniforms to all games. We might use the laundry service between games at the university for our uniforms only. So bring along extra clothes to wear under your warm-ups to the games and back from the games.

Maps: Indiana, Hotel, Valparaiso, University Map, and Chicago area are attached to paper copy.

Tolls: Drivers be ready for toll roads in Illinois. Borrow an IPASS if you are driving or get your own if you plan to drive. Saves tons of time and money, no maintenance fee, just the cost of tolls.

Emergency: Valparaiso University (219) 464-5417 or the numbers below.

FYI - the front row of seats on the bus (4 seats) are reserved, thank you.

Don’t be late - the Bus will leave without you - be on Time. Arrive at school by 6:30 AM !!!

Any questions give me a call or email.

Thank you, for all your efforts. We am truly blessed to be part of such a great family of Christians.

Coach Zoellner (cell) 952-220-0242 (h)952-944-9184 (s)952-941-9047

Coach Ron Martinson (cell) 952-446-5532

Packing List: (not a complete list but a start)

Bible or Devotion Book

Green uniform shirt, Green uniform shorts, White uniform shirt, White uniform short, Warm-up Top, Black snap pants, Gym shoes, Lots of socks, Valpo shirt, Green Eagle BB jacket, BB bag,

Money for meals, drinks, snacks, souvenirs, etc. $$$$$$$$$$$

DVD movies for Bus

PHONE/Music/video players for bus - make sure they are charged before you leave.

Charger for all electronics

Games to play on the bus


Toothbrush & toothpaste

Pillow and/or blanket for on the bus.

Swim suit (may or may not need)



IF you are sending your child with someone else, be sure to send along Insurance information. Thank you.


Please arrive no earlier than 6:20am but no later than 6:30am. IF you plan to leave your vehicle at BLS, during the trip to Valpo, please, park under the light pole near the entrance to the parking lot. FYI - the front row of seats on the bus (4 seats) are reserved, thank you.

We will load the bus right in front of the school. Just to the left of the main doors as you face the building. So you can set your bags on the sidewalk, if the bus is not there yet.

Address for the free National Park (Sand Dunes) 1600  N. County Rd 25 E.

Valpo Weather Forecast - 10 DAY

MAR 28
PM Showers
62° 54°
SSW 19 mph 65%
MAR 29
62° 44°
SSW 19 mph 71%
MAR 30
51° 35°
W 14 mph 68%
MAR 31
Rain/Snow Showers
48° 36°
WNW 12 mph 60%

2017 Boys-15 states, 2 TX, 3 IL, 4 WI, NE, OK, 2 MN , 2 FL, 4 IN, 3 MI, 2 IA, 2 OH, 3 MO, MD, NV, CA
HOTEL RESERVATIONS                   
  The team MUST stay in the hotel assigned by the LBAA.

Thank you for allowing the South Shore CVA to assist you in securing your hotel rooms for the 2019 Lutheran Basketball National Championships (March 28-31)

By clicking on the link below or pasting the link to your internet browser, you will be able to access your group block at the:

NEW Holiday Inn Express, 8460 Mississippi St. ,Merrillville,Indiana46410   15 miles and 24 minutes from the University

2 Kings @ $119.99 + tax per night

5 Double queens @ $119.99 + tax per night

5 King w/ Sofa sleepers @ $129.99 + tax per night

2 Double Queens w/ sofa sleepers @ $129.99 + tax per night

(Rooms are blocked for Thursday through Saturday; however, each person can modify the check-in/out dates to meet their needs)

There is a 2-night minimum stay required for this event.

Here is the link to book your room:

Your Deadline to make reservations is 11:59pm CST Weds, March 13th, 2019 .

Booking Information : Reservations are processed through this website 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you need to contact the South Shore CVA, send an e-mail to anytime or call 1-866-481-5253 between the hours of 8:00AM - 5:00PM CST Monday - Friday. A 12% tax per room per night will be added to your total room cost at check-out. You must be 21 years of age or older to book a room.

Cancellation Policy: All change & cancellation requests must be made by midnight CST on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 or a fee of two night's stay + tax will be charged.

All changes and cancellations should be directed to the housing bureau by submitting a "change request" through your email confirmation or by sending an email to Do not call the hotel directly to make a change to your reservation.

When a block of rooms is reserved for a team, each room reserved should be listed under a different name and that individual's credit card number. If one credit card is listed for an entire block of rooms, that individual is responsible for those room.

If eliminated early from the tournament, you may check-out early without paying for the additional nights once you’ve satisfied the 2-night minimum stay. However, you must check out by the hotel’s designated check-out time that day.

Thank you and good luck in the tournament!