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At Saint Frances Cabrini School we believe that we are as strong as our community, and so we are always welcoming and looking for ways to improve and evaluate our progress with the ultimate goal of creating safe, welcoming and intellectually challenging environment to help our students succeed emotionally and academically.

I am a teacher at Presentation High School and chose SFC for my daughters because I see every day the product they produce, which is well rounded, intelligent students. They come into high school with solid study skills, a sense of taking responsibility for their own learning, an understanding that they are part of a community and must give back, and a strong foundation in their faith. I have been so pleased with the experience my children had and would recommend the school to anyone.

~ Diane Rosenthal

When we think of Saint Frances Cabrini, the first thing that comes to mind is family. SFC is not just a place where our children have gone to school for the past 18 years, but it is a place that we call home. A place that loves and cares for our children as much as we do; a place that not only teaches but more importantly, acts with compassion and mercy through the loving eyes of God. We are thankful for SFC as our fourth and last child will be graduating next year as she is well prepared, academically, socially, mentally, and spiritually for her high school journey.
~ Owen and Marie Jobson
Our family loves Saint Frances Cabrini. SFC is a welcoming, nurturing place with people that truly care for one another. Our children have been here since preschool. They are receiving a first-class education, with caring and attentive teachers whom they cherish, and have developed strong friendships with their peers. We love that the school provides for their spiritual education and Catholic identity, in addition to its excellent academics and community.
~ Tim and Kim Nguyen
Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School is comprised of a truly amazing community of families, faculty, administrators, and staff. Our family feels incredibly blessed to be a part of it! Our sons, in 3rd and 5th grades, have been empowered to express themselves at SFC. They have gained the confidence to speak up for themselves and for others who are not able to speak up. They have strong empathy and a desire to help those less fortunate. SFC's philosophy (e.g., "with our hands, we serve") are the fundamental building blocks that support the very strong academics and activities available to the students.
The students are given the opportunity to inhabit the "learning zone"- a combination of high accountability and high psychological safety. They are taught to embrace a growth mindset, challenging themselves and learning from experiences and mistakes. There are resources and programs for all learning levels. We have made lifelong friends, who are like family, at SFC and we all support and love everyone's children. Based on how sons are thriving at SFC, many of my friends and relatives have chosen SFC for their families. We love SFC!
~ Greg and Andrea Sehestedt 

Saint Frances Cabrini has provided me with strong academics through the years with one-on-one help from teachers and a stimulating curriculum. I feel very prepared for high school knowing that I am challenged in middle school to my fullest potential. Academics at SFC are rigorous, fun, and make me think on a level I never thought I would in eighth grade. My faith and relationship with God has expanded because SFC has provided me with a strong faith foundation, which begins at home. Morals and values taught at SFC will surely be with me as I continue through high school and the rest of my life.

~ Nolan Hinz (SFC student)

Saint Frances Cabrini has prepared me well academically, socially, and religiously for the next four years of high school and beyond. During my time at SFC, I have developed a deep faith in God through religion class every day and attending Mass once a week. I feel very confident starting high school, because I have been provided a great foundation that will allow me to thrive and not worry about falling behind. The teachers want to see their students' thrive, so their doors are always open, ready to help each student and their needs. My time at SFC has made a huge impact on who I am today, and I would like to thank the school for teaching me important morals that will benefit me for the rest of my life.
~ Megan Campagna (SFC student)
Saint Frances Cabrini has provided me with strong academics and a great faith foundation for the next four years of high school. SFC has set me up to be prepared for high school curriculum by giving me the correct level of difficulty to challenge me each day. I believe I have been given the right tools that will help me succeed through my high school years. Also, SFC has provided me with the academics to take with me in life and many jobs to come. SFC has given me a great faith foundation with the religion classes starting at a young age and going to Mass once a week. I was baptized before coming to Cabrini and I feel as if they have made my faith stronger and have taught me more about God to where I feel comfortable with my future high school religion courses. Overall, SFC has implemented me with a great academic and faith base to be ready for high school and beyond.
~ Maddie Pfaff (SFC student)
At Saint Frances Cabrini, I have been challenged to try my best and achieve many goals that have stood in my way. I have learned many things about myself and others through this entire process, but I have also encountered skills that will prepare me for the future. SFC has also set a well-built faith foundation for me and my classmates. Going to a Catholic school has definitely helped me comprehend religion, but also brought me closer to God. After a lot of hard work, SFC set a solid academic and faith foundation for high school and beyond.
~ Andrew Vo (SFC student) 

I enjoy teaching at Saint Frances Cabrini because I love our fantastic students. SFC has a bright and eager student population, who come to school with smiles, questions, stories, and a drive to learn that is amazing to witness. Our students are the foundation for our SFC community and a reflection of our Catholic teachings. As a teacher, there is no greater joy than hearing your students say, "I love school!" Knowing that I work in a community where we teach our students that Christ Embraces All, makes me proud to say I love being a teacher at SFC.

~ Stephanie Barnett (Kindergarten teacher) 

I have been a teacher in the Diocese of San Jose for 35 years, 20 of which have been at St. Frances Cabrini School. I started my career here from 1985-1998, left for 15 years to teach at two other Catholic schools in the Diocese, and returned seven years ago. Coming back to Cabrini has been like coming home. I am a product of Catholic education from first grade up through college, and I know firsthand what it is to be able to share my faith in God with colleagues as well as students. Additionally, I believe in the high quality of education that an SFC student receives. Indeed, my daughter is a 2012 graduate of Cabrini; she received an excellent education here, which has enabled her to succeed beautifully at Presentation High School and now at St. Mary’s College in Moraga. Students at SFC graduate with a strong academic background, a genuine empathy for others, an attitude of service, and a deep appreciation for what it means to be a child of God. SFC is truly the place to be!

~ Teri Barnett (Music/Spanish teacher) 

My time at SFC from Kindergarten through 8th grade was invaluable. The school curriculum and extra-curricular activities helped instill a strong academic, religious, social, and athletic foundation in me that more than prepared me for high school. The school provided many opportunities for me to experience successes in several areas that interested me, all in a nurturing and supportive environment. The habits, skill sets, and confidence I garnered during my time as a student at SFC definitely carried through into my high school years, where I was able to continue to thrive both as a student and an athlete. Quite honestly, the school has such a unique community that really makes it stand out from other schools. This is why as parents now, we have chosen to send our two children to SFC. I am excited for them to have similar experiences and build strong foundations of their own.

 ~ Tracy Payne