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Our Programs (The 3's & 4's)

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Our Programs (The 3's & 4's)

We offer a hands-on, developmentally appropriate curriculum based on current knowledge of early childhood education. Junior Kindergarten students will grow in their social/emotional, physical, and cognitive/academic skills by interacting with their peers, teachers, and their environment through both teacher-directed small and large group activities as well as play.

As a Catholic School, we base our education on the teachings of Jesus. These teachings foster respect, responsibility, justice, gratitude, and peacefulness. We believe in working in partnership with our families to cultivate the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of each unique child.

Kinder Knights Say

"I love JK because I got to bring my bike on biking day and ride with my friends. I did 90 laps!" Shannon
"I really like JK because we have a star of the week and get to draw a picture with my friends." Arthur
"I love JK because we had the ambulance come and I got to go on the chair and they put stickers on me to see what's going on inside my tummy and I was put inside the car.” Mateo
Preschool (3 Year Olds)

Children thrive in their environment when they feel safe, and they know what to expect. Our main goal for the preschoolers is to guide and support their whole development: emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. To achieve this, the program has been designed to be stimulating in an organized setting and with the guidance of our caring teachers. Children are encouraged to explore and learn through a variety of enriching activities at SFC. The key areas of focus are:

Social & Emotional Development: children learn fundamental life skills to help them thrive in a classroom setting. A key component of this includes the ability to collaborate with classmates, develop more effective communication skills, regulate behavior, and display emotional maturity. The children begin to identify coping mechanisms, learn to solve peer social problems, and identify social cues in an effort to promote healthy responses.

Cognitive Development: children use fact and fantasy to make sense of their world. They are guided to investigate by touching and manipulating objects, learn by talking to peers, and encouraged to ask questions. We also focus on language development to express emotion, thoughts, and ideas. In mathematics, children are introduced to concepts such as sorting, matching, block counting, and hands-on exploration.

Spiritual Development: we believe spiritual development is of primary importance, and this is approached simply and in the total context of the child’s life. We cultivate values in dealing with everyday situations. At this age, we introduce religious songs and biblical stories.

Physical Development: through music, children are guided in body movement engaging in physical activity through games, dance, and play. Fine motor skills are promoted by scribbling, pretend writing, coloring, and painting. And with all activities, the focus is always on praising effort rather than outcome.

We offer the following scheduling options for our families:

Three Full Days
Five Half Days
Five Full days
The full-time schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm and Wednesday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. The five-day part-time schedule is 8:00 am - 12:00 pm.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Rose Ewell or by phone at 408-377-6545.

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Transitional Kindergarten

The TK program augments the framework of the Preschool program by focusing on readiness for a smooth and successful transition into Kindergarten. Key areas of focus include: ensuring children are able to follow multi-step instructions, make independent decisions, find ways to collaborate with other classmates, and find different ways to solve problems. 

Social & Emotional Development: children continue to focus on expressing feelings and emotions, become active and cooperative participant in group activities, and further promote peer to peer collaboration. Children also learn to take pride in their effort and progress, a critical element to develop a positive self-image and promote self-esteem. Key areas of growth for this group include learning to take responsibility for personal behavior, deepening relationships with peers, and beginning to build awareness of others’ feelings and needs within a given context.

Cognitive Development: children learn to order, generalize, and interpret the world around them. Real-life mathematics concepts are introduced through number sense, shapes, time, classification, measurement, and patterning. In literacy, exposure to books, songs, and stories provide awareness to letter symbols and their relationship to words and phonetic sounds laying the foundation for the introduction of writing skills and concepts.

Spiritual Development: through storytelling children begin to part take in biblical learnings. We also introduce the building of the church and learn about sacred objects. One of the key teaching at this stage is to know that we can all ask and receive forgiveness. The children also begin to appreciate and formally participate in various celebrations.

Physical Development: through play, we continue to enhance gross motor skills and redefine the ability to move in a coordinated way. Fine motor skills are developed through the use of grasp, release, strength control of fingers, and hands. The intent of most physical activity at this stage is to show increased independence in performing personal care routines and self-help skills that support healthy growth.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Blanche Khoshaba or by phone at 408-377-6545.

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