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Announcements and Newsletters

SchoolSpeak makes it easy to make announcements, post newsletters or blogs to the entire school community, individual classes or teams. Announcements show on the home page till its expiry date. They are easy to locate and never missed. For example, an announcement about Halloween carnival shows up on the home page till the carnival date and automatically disappears the next day. You can look up past announcements at any time.

SchoolSpeak provides visual indication whenever an announcement is newly posted or updated. It also warns you when the announcement expires. You will know when was the announcement last updated and by whom. If you have a question on the announcement, you can send an online enquiry. With the integrated email, you can easily send an announcement published on SchoolSpeak over email. Daily summary emails consolidate announcements and reduces the number of emails received.

You can ask acknowledgement for an important announcement. You can track who has read a critical announcement and follow up by email with users who have not acknowledged.

Make your announcements attractive in no time by selecting one of the theme templates. SchoolSpeak comes with a powerful web editor - you never need to know html. You can edit the announcements online or draft the content in a desktop application and upload to SchoolSpeak. It's easy to attach files or upload pictures.

Publish school handbook or classroom policies, web pages come handy. Each page is named so that they can be easily accessed. You can add named links for quick access to important information.


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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
We have used SchoolSpeak for three years and it has been a great time saver for our office staff. Instead of distributing paper newsletters by hand or by mail we now drop our newsletter onto the portal and we are done. As an administrator I really like the gradebook and report card options. I am able to check on students past report cards, current grades and attendance in a matter of seconds.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Bonnie Massmann
Holy Family School, Albany MN