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SchoolSpeak automates taking and reporting attendance. Depending on the school policy, attendance can be taken by homeroom teachers or each subject teacher. School can set up a process by which homeroom teachers take attendance by a certain time in the morning and the school office can run a report on absentees and tardies.


  • Record students' attendance by entering codes such as 'A' for absence and 'T' for tardy. School defines the attendance codes.
  • Mark 'All present' by pressing a button.
  • Notify parents automatically by email if their child is absent or tardy, and when the attendance status changes.
  • Publish attendance in the progress report.
  • Print attendance record as proof of attendance. SchoolSpeak keeps track of who took the attendance when.


  • Easily find when their child was absent or tardy on any day.
  • Receive email notification when their child is absent or tardy.

School Office

  • Run a report to find who is absent or tardy in each class. The report indicates if the attendance is taken for the day. If a class forgets to submit attendance, it is flagged and teacher can be reminded.
  • Adjust the attendance if an absent or tardy student presents valid reasons

How to address if a student was tardy in the morning and parent picked up the child in the afternoon for doctor appointment? SchoolSpeak lets you record two attendance codes per day. You can also enter a comment with each.

No more manual entering of attendance in the report card -SchoolSpeak report card can automatically pull the attendance data.

SchoolSpeak lunch program is integrated with attendance. Teacher can check the lunch count or record lunch in the attendance page. Does you teacher collect lunch money in the class? You can record that also along with attendance.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Our SchoolSpeak portal is very easy to operate and we all love it! Our parents really like the communication piece and take advantage of the opportunity to log on and be informed and up-to-date about school happenings. Our staff appreciates the attendance tools and especially like the fact the reason for an absence is easily identified. The SchoolSpeak staff has been a pleasure to work with!
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Alisa Rosado
St. John School, San Francisco, CA