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Behavior Tracking

You can record and track student's Behavior through SchoolSpeak's Behavior Tracking. You can track any incidents - Reinforce the Positive Behaviors and work on tackling the negative ones.

SchoolSpeak's Behavior Tracking is highly flexible and customizable:

  • You can customize the data fields on the incident report. Have an existing format you use? Not a problem, you can setup the same form on SchoolSpeak
  • Reports can be marked private or shared with Parents
  • Parents can be asked to acknowledge the report and leave a comment
  • Staff can comment on an incident; comment can be marked private visible only to staff members
  • Parents, teachers and admins can be notified via email when a report is created/updated. This helps better parent involvement and in turn aids student development
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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
SchoolSpeak is an excellent automated school data system. Parents are so happy with being able to track their children from their workplace.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Marty Chargin
Queen of Apostles School, San Jose, CA