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A solution for the School community

In addition to enabling school administrators and teachers to publish information and to communicate with parents and students, SchoolSpeak is a solution for the school community. Administrators, teachers, parents, students, volunteers, parent committees and vendors such as a lunch contractor can all use the system and participate in managing information based on their permission level.

Improves parental involvement

Parental involvement improves student achievements. They volunteer in classes, arrange field trips, organize fund raising programs and coach sports teams. Using SchoolSpeak, parents can not only check school events and student performance, it can be set up so that they can help administrators and teachers in managing certain resources in SchoolSpeak like lunch menu and class calendar, and use SchoolSpeak for managing various sanctioned activities such as fundraising programs or sports teams.

No more paper envelopes

SchoolSpeak provides an efficient and easy to use communication tool for schools. You can communicate with the school community by email or posting bulletins. Bulletins posted will be displayed based on their relevance. This will eliminate or reduce flyers sent home providing significant savings in paper and printing supplies. Add to this, the time and effort saved in producing paper copies.

Build a solution the way you want it!

SchoolSpeak is flexible. It can adapt to fit your school’s needs. Like a child builds a toy with Lego blocks, you can build a web solution the way you want it. Whether it is an online calendar, teacher pages or volunteer assignments, SchoolSpeak has many solutions for the school community. More resources are being added regularly. Please tell us your ideas and we will make sure that they are added to the SchoolSpeak roadmap.


Whether you need a web solution to publish class pages, post grades, email parents or manage volunteers, whether teachers post the content or delegate specific areas to room parents or fund raising committee, we have you covered. The SchoolSpeak administration pages easily allow you to control who can view or manage each resource. You can let a vendor publish the lunch menu or parent volunteer publish the soccer practice calendar. This give teachers and administrators more time on what they need to focus on.

SchoolSpeak updates itself!

Did you have to remember to remove the “Winter holidays. School closed” message immediately after the vacation or email details of an event the day before the event? Did you have trouble finding an email or flyer when you needed it? Do you have to manage multiple mailing lists to communicate with parents? Have the web work for you.
SchoolSpeak is not a collection of static web pages that needs to be removed or updated continuously. It is a dynamic web application with a very intuitive solution for organizing content and presenting relevant information to viewers. We manage the complexity and let you concentrate on the content.

Hosted, no IT administration and maintenance

SchoolSpeak is a hosted solution that sits in a secure, and professionally managed facility hosting many commercially sensitive sites. It is always up and accessible from school, home or office. No costly hardware and software to buy and maintain, and no back up to schedule. We manage the solution and take the backups from our secure state-of-the-art hosting facility. SchoolSpeak is constantly updated with new features and enhancements. We can respond to you quicker; your school will reap the benefits of these lower costs.
SchoolSpeak is designed to make your administration tasks easy. Do not have a dedicated IT person? Don’t worry. SchoolSpeak can be administered by the school secretary, principal, computer teacher or a parent volunteer.

Easy to use – familiar click and go

We understand that you come to SchoolSpeak looking for specific information and you do not want to spend your time there searching or learning the system. SchoolSpeak is an easy to use system and has a familiar click and go interface. You can get started in as little as five minutes and find any information in a few clicks.
You have a single login and single view of the system even if you are part of multiple schools or wear multiple hats. No separate parent, teacher and administrator login. When you login, SchoolSpeak presents you with content and options based on your role and permission level. You will also be presented with a list of tasks that you can perform.

One solution for your entire web needs

Does your school use multiple solutions for teacher web pages, homework posting, grade publishing, and group email? Has your webmaster moved on and you are finding it difficult to maintain the site? SchoolSpeak provides a single solution for all your needs. You do not require HTML or web technology knowledge to administer the system or add content. SchoolSpeak provides a common way of posting information. It can be collectively maintained by many individuals. No problem if someone leaves.

Above all, showcase your school with best in breed solution!!
Our Technology Committee researched several web based information and communication systems before choosing SchoolSpeak several years ago. We have been so happy with our choice. We recommend SchoolSpeak for: -ease of use -excellent customer service -quick (as in immediate) response time -constant updating/improvement of system -willingness to address new needs
Mary Lyons
St. Joseph of Cupertino School, Cupertino, CA