SchoolSpeak - School Management System for Elementary, Middle and Preschools  
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How does SchoolSpeak work?

All Information can be communicated through SchoolSpeak saving school paper, effort and cost. SchoolSpeak personalizes delivery of information. Every parent/student has a separate account. When a user logs in, SchoolSpeak displays the information based on user’s profile. Each user sees only information relevant for him/her for the day in a concise manner in a single page.  It is very easy to target communication and get everyone on the same page. You will know who is receiving information, who is reading announcements.

SchoolSpeak information is accessible from anywhere – work, home or travel - 24 hours a day. No more lost flyers and forgetting to check announcement at school. No more calling the school office to get information. SchoolSpeak content can be posted by many different individuals. For example, school office can be in charge of publishing calendar and school announcements, principal posts her newsletter, individual teachers makes their announcements and posts homework and grades, different committees may be in charge of various fund raising announcements and managing various programs.

SchoolSpeak has many tools for schools sign-up sheets (sign up for tasks, items, field trip drivers, etc.), fund raising and volunteer hour tracking, scrip sale, and online forms. You can get started minimally and add features as and when needed.

SchoolSpeak is easy to use and requires minimal administration and training. No parent training is needed. It is as simple as an emailing program. A word like interface is available for entering information. SchoolSpeak is a hosted solution. That means you don't need to purchase and maintain computers and software to run SchoolSpeak. Your data is secure and backed up regularly.

As a school secretary, I am expected to come up with accurate records from class lists, attendance, health information, student labels, census figures etc. as if it was needed yesterday. School Speak makes me look good, by having the ability to up-date my data easily, generate reports at every teacher's whim, and enables me to be the organized go-to-person a successful school secretary has to be! (And I get to take all the credit....thank you School Speak)
Doris Salmi
St. Patrick School, Rodeo, CA