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Customizable Student / Family Data

SchoolSpeak user profile is extensible. You can add fields to student, parent and teacher profile to capture additional information. For example,

  • Enhance student profile to have six emergency contacts, or ten. SchoolSpeak doesn't limit the number of additional fields
  • Add medical, allergy, immunization, insurance, doctor and custody (information to student profile)
  • Record standardized test results in student profile
  • Add work details, qualification and skill set to parent's profile
  • Record experience and qualification to teacher's profile

You can set up alerts on specific fields. For example, an icon alert can be shown if the student has medical condition, allergy or custody restrictions. You can make fields editable by parents or just give them view permission. Fields meant for office use only can be hidden from parents. Mark just the emergency and medical information fields for inclusion in the profile print out.

Define the fields the way you want it. For example, you can have a check box of all allergies or just a text box. In either case the allergy information can be accessed in the allergy report.

SchoolSpeak makes it easy to maintain the crucial data by prompting parents to periodically update them. School office can get a notification when parents update information with details of what was updated, when and the old value.

No more duplicate data entry. SchoolSpeak can create the school forms using the profile data. Reregistration and reenrollment just requires reviewing and updating the profile and not entering the same information again.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
When some additional program is added, they inform us right away. There are so many things that we can add next year to what we are doing this year. I would recommend SchoolSpeak to any school looking for a web-based program.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Rita Casagrande
Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic School, Sacramento, CA