SchoolSpeak - School Management System for Elementary, Middle and Preschools  
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Customize to your needs

Every school has different needs. Each school works differently. SchoolSpeak lets you configure the system the way you want and what works best for you. Does posting on the website or email or a combination work best for your school? You can make the choice and adjust as you go.

SchoolSpeak has many solutions or modules that solve specific problems. You can decide on what you want in your system. You can set up your account with the modules you like the same way a child builds a car with Lego blocks. Does a class room require a single homework resource or multiple resources with one for each subject teacher? Teachers have different style of operation. Each grade or group can be set up differently and you can tune as you go.

You can start minimally and add new modules as your community is ready. You can also make use of all the new tools added on SchoolSpeak as and when they become available.

Do you want to provide the same look and feel as your website? Your SchoolSpeak account can be branded with your school colors and logo.


One aspect we liked the best about SchoolSpeak is the ability to customize the pages to fit the needs of our community. Through the group management system I was able to give the various groups permission to do their own work, train some key parent volunteers and they too were excited and began creating their own content. Quick and the willingness to work on the specific needs that arise during the year is just another reason we have gone back to SchoolSpeak year after year.
Joyce Billings
Tech Coordinator,
St. Lucy School, Campbell, CA