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Effective Online Communication

SchoolSpeak facilitates electronic delivery of all school communication. Many schools using SchoolSpeak have eliminated paper communication. SchoolSpeak uses a combination of web portal and email for effective information delivery. You can tune it in the way - best suited for your school. SchoolSpeak also offers the school community many tools that eliminate paper and reduce manual work.

Core to SchoolSpeak is its personalized delivery of information. Every user in the system – administrator, teacher, parent or student (if you would like students to have access to the system)– has a login and password.

When a user logs in, the system looks up the user profile and generates content dynamically for the user in a summary form. As a result, the reader sees only the relevant information for the day. Any content in SchoolSpeak has time relevance. For example, an announcement about a field trip is valid till the field trip date; a homework assignment is relevant till its due date; a report card pending signature is relevant immediately after it is published.

When any user logs in, SchoolSpeak generates a home page with all the information relevant for the day in a very concise manner. So it is easy to get everyone on the same page. For the reader, it is very easy to locate any information. For the administrator, it is straightforward to send targeted information.

Users can also look back information for any past day (for example, last week’s homework), or look ahead to see what is coming up next week. Anyone can easily look up information relevant for any date range.

There are no separate login areas for teachers, parents, students and administrators. Everyone login at the same place. SchoolSpeak generates the pages and options dynamically based on user privileges. Privilege changes are easy to make and they are effective immediately.

SchoolSpeak provides visual indicators on the home page so that the user can easily find out what is new, what has been updated or what is due today.

Quick links are provided for easy access to important content. For example, the school can place a quick link to ‘parent handbook’ or Script with everything parents need to know about the program.

Tools also integrate with the home page experience. You can run a short reminder asking volunteers to sign up, forms fill by due date.

You control the home page experience. You can decide what should be presented to parents at the school level and the individual class or group level.

SchoolSpeak has integrated email. You can forward important information posted on SchoolSpeak via email or remind parents occasionally. SchoolSpeak tools generate automated email notifications.

SchoolSpeak is a productive tool for schools – everyone check it to find what they need to know and what they need to do.


By 'going green', the school has saved money and time. The training and availability of tech support team has been excellent. Previously our school used another company for our online communication. In my experience as office manager, I feel SchoolSpeak has proved to be a good change because it is user - friendly, flexible, has great tech support and better meets our needs.
Susan Demirjian
Office Manager,
Carden Academy, Santa Clara, CA