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Electronic Forms

You can create online forms with SchoolSpeak Electronic Forms module for a variety of purposes:

  • Online application: Prospective families can submit application and pay online
  • Submit school forms online: For example, medical and emergency contact forms
  • Data collection: For example, collect demographics data from families, or accept fundraising orders
  • Extend the user profile: For example, add fields to enter parent work information
  • Online Payments: For example, you can accept application fee or fundraising contribution online

School can create electronic forms to capture any data from the community. Once the data is entered, users can sign electronically and submit online or print the paper form for manual submission.

SchoolSpeak can generate paper forms with data filled in the exact format that you require. In the generated paper forms, SchoolSpeak can put a marker indicating where the submitter should put the signature and date. Submitted data can be extracted to a spreadsheet file.

Setting up for Forms is easy and intuitive

  • You select from a variety of pre-defined fields
  • Make fields optional or mandatory (Example : need only First Name and Last Name and not Middle Name)
  • Set pre-defined values (For example : AM or PM slot for Kindergarten)
  • Split Forms in multiple pages. For example, Family Details can be on one page and Student’s Medical Information can be on another page.
  • Users can save data anytime and resume data entry later
  • Set a due date for form submission
  • School admins can be notified via email when a form is submitted

You can create Public Forms that don’t need a SchoolSpeak user account for using them. For example, Online Application Forms can be filled in by prospective families and don’t need a SchoolSpeak user account. However if your form is big, you can let users create a guest account and fill the form at their convenience. These guest users can only fill the form and submit them and won’t have access to your SchoolSpeak Account.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Our parent and faculty community know SchoolSpeak is the place to go to find all the important information, calendars and forms, which has reduced the amount of phone calls and emails our school office and teachers receive regarding this type of information. It is a great tool to help students learn organizational skills as well as be accountable for their studies
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Christa Patrick
Director of School Advancement
Saint Nicholas School, Los Altos Hills, CA