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Holistic Approach – Single Login

Are you tired of using many solutions and dealing with different vendors? SchoolSpeak offers a holistic approach - all tools that schools require are integrated to work seamlessly under a single login.

SchoolSpeak is an extranet for schools, like an Intranet is for companies. Employees use the company Intranet for their day-to-day functions such as read latest announcements, check calendar, apply for leave, or submit reimbursement claim. SchoolSpeak provides a similar environment for the school community. Every person in the school community use SchoolSpeak to access information that they need to know on a day-to-day basis and the tools they need to use.

SchoolSpeak is a productive tool. It brings all the relevant information for every user at a single place. Anytime you login into SchoolSpeak, it tells you exactly what is happening in school in a concise manner.


SchoolSpeak is our one point of contact for our community! Parents love the fact that they can find everything they need with one login.
From a technology perspective, SchoolSpeak has been a joy to work with. From rollout to support, they have been there to answer all questions and fulfill requests!!
Pam Shukait
Technology Coordinator,
Resurrection School, Sunnyvale, CA