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SchoolSpeak makes it very easy for teachers to publish homework, projects, tests or special events. It takes only few seconds to enter most types of homework using shortcuts. After you finish entering homework for one subject/class, you can quickly switch to another class.

Does the art teacher want the students to bring family pictures for a project? Special provision in homework makes it easy for specialty teachers to make class announcements with due dates.

  • You can have one homework area for all subjects in a class (common for grades K to 4) or different subject teachers can be assigned separate homework area
  • You can enter detailed description of the homework and attach one or more files. The home page shows up with brief description of the homework and due dates. Visual indicators catch attention if homework is newly posted, updated or due. You can send homework over email to the class in couple of clicks. Tests show up till the due date reminding students and parents constantly
  • Do you want students to submit assignments or take tests online and avoid paper? You can turn on online submission for any assignment. You control how long submissions can be made. Students can make corrections before the due date. Late submissions are flagged
  • Need little help? Do you want to make a student in charge of posting homework? You can give edit permission just for that student
  • Going on leave and want to post homework in advance? No problem, you can enter the homework in advance and SchoolSpeak lets you control when they should be published
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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Parents love being able to have immediate access to all their children's current information. Parents no longer have to take their children's word whether they have homework assigned or how they are doing in a class. All the information is available at a central site 24/7.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Leslie Edwards
Technology Coordinator,
St. Joseph School, Mountain View, CA