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Mass Email and SMS

SchoolSpeak has an integrated email and Text messaging system that helps communicate with the whole school, few grades or selected individuals. It's a highly configurable solution that lets you choose who can email or text the whole school or each class/team, whether parents and students can email teachers and other parents and whether parents can see email of other parents and teachers.

You can create email groups for various purposes such as basketball team, school auction and drama club. Coach or room parent can be given permission to email team/class. Users can receive email in their preferred email - don't need to login to SchoolSpeak to receive email. Whenever email changes, users can update their email in their profile.

Users can instantly reply to the sender. Email list will be automatically hidden in broadcast emails sent to a large number of recipients. SchoolSpeak has a solution to overcome spam filters and ensure you do not miss out on any email from SchoolSpeak. If you receive one email from SchoolSpeak, you receive all, whether broadcast or sent by an individual.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
SchoolSpeak is our school's all-in-one online communication tool. The email feature has made it easy for everyone in our school community to communicate with each other. SchoolSpeak support is great.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Catherine Fuerte
Holy Angels School, Colma, CA