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Online Gradebook

SchoolSpeak has a very easy to use and feature rich online gradebook. There is no software to purchase, no installation or upgrades and no need to take backups. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and you can enter the grades from anywhere - school, home or away. You don't need to enter the class roster. If a student joins in the middle of the school year or leaves, no problem, SchoolSpeak manages those events for you and calculates grades automatically.

Grade entered is not accessible to students and parents unless you publish them. Individual teachers can publish their subject grades anytime or all teachers publish together as per the school policy. Parents and students can be notified automatically. Do you want to publish grades as and when student submit assignments? You can enter scores for few students at a time and publish. SchoolSpeak can exclude the assignment in the grade calculation for students whose scores are not yet entered. You can minimize email notification to one per day or turn it off.

SchoolSpeak makes it easy to enter or manage grades. Grades and averages are calculated automatically. Shortcuts are provided for fast data entry - add one assignment or multiple assignments at the same time, use arrow keys the way you use in a desktop program for fast data entry, use the number pad, provide more details of the assignment, and enter comment against each student for the term or for a particular assignment.

SchoolSpeak offers high degree of customization per gradebook:

  • Total points earned, weighted category or weighted assignment grade computation
  • Grading scale and GPA can be different for lower grades or enrichment subjects
  • Lower grades may decide to publish only letter grades, not percentage or total points
  • Dropping of assignments automatically to improve student scores
  • Define score codes to record missing, pending or late assignments and their contribution to overall grade
  • Define comments codes to quickly enter comments
  • Record and selectively publish additional information such as conduct and effort
  • SchoolSpeak gradebook comes with student analysis and reports. Report card pulls grades and other information from gradebook. SchoolSpeak gradebook can be accessed from PC or Mac platforms and using different browsers
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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
A few years ago we researched a variety of options for a web-based program that would allow us a rich communication environment for grades, calendars, volunteerism, school news, and other essential aspects of school communication. SchoolSpeak was the clear frontrunner for us. On behalf of my teachers and our school parents, I simply cannot say enough about this excellent product!
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Jennifer Martin
St. Lucy School, Campbell, CA