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SchoolSpeak offers you centralized access to student's performance data and analysis. SchoolSpeak can be easily configured so that selected teachers and administrators can see all the progress reports of students in the class or entire school. This makes it easy for homeroom teachers and principal to check the progress of any student any time by logging into SchoolSpeak.

Imagine a parent walks into principal's office to discuss her child's performance. The principal has ready access to all latest grades on SchoolSpeak in her fingertips, from all teachers, whether the gradebooks were published or not. Interpreting grade data can be time consuming. SchoolSpeak makes it instant with easy to interpret graphs and analysis. Take a quick look at the chart showing grades from all terms. Above average grades are highlighted in green and below average grades are marked in red. In a matter of few seconds you are ready to discuss the child's strengths and area of improvement. Check the graph showing the performance of the child from the beginning of the school year. Did the child perform consistently? Are grades dropping once basketball season started? You have answers in few seconds. Review the missing assignments and you are well equipped to discuss the child's academics just as the parent is settling down.

A homeroom teacher can find out students not performing well in one or more subjects and warn parents by integrated email. The email includes performance data with links to SchoolSpeak pages for detailed analysis.

School office can run a report with configurable cut off levels to identify students qualifying for honor roll.

SchoolSpeak lets you publish student grades securely online. Parents and students can be notified by email when grades are published. A student’s progress report can be viewed only by the student and the student's parents. Parents and students also have access to their performance data and analysis. Parents can review the grades with their child and sign the progress report online. Teacher can track who has signed the progress reports and send reminders to parents who have not signed.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
SchoolSpeak is an excellent automated school data system. Parents are so happy with being able to track their children from their workplace.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Marty Chargin
Queen of Apostles School, San Jose, CA