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Communication is essential to the school community and can be overwhelming at times. For example, every parent receives information from the school office, the parent committee, various fundraising groups and each of his/her children's teachers and coaches. It includes announcements, calendars, newsletters, fund raising requests, homework, grades, report cards, volunteering opportunities, schedules and lunch menu. For reliable online communication, it is important that everyone can easily find any and all relevant information with great ease and nothing is missed.

SchoolSpeak uses a combination of web portal and email for effective information delivery. Schools can tune it in a way best suited for their needs. Many schools using SchoolSpeak have eliminated paper communication.

Core to SchoolSpeak is its personalized delivery of information. Every user in the system - administrator, teacher, parent or student (if you would like students to have access to the system) - has a login. When a user logs in, SchoolSpeak dynamically creates a home page with all the information the user needs to know in a concise manner. This includes homework, schedules, grades and reports for each child, announcements from school and different teams, requests for updating medical information or signing up for parent-teacher conference, all logically organized in that single page. There is no searching or clicking around to find the information you need. Just go through the home page and you won’t miss any information. And there is no spam - nothing irrelevant is shown to you.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
The school's previous web solution was cumbersome, complex and therefore not used. We switched to SchoolSpeak because we wanted a solution that was simple - and, well, worked! SchoolSpeak provided me with a password protected web solution that was up and running in less than 3 days. Teachers were trained in 45 minutes to be able to use the application. And SchoolSpeak customizes the solution to fit the school's need - we didn't have to meet their requirements they met ours.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Kenneth Willers
School of the Madeleine, Berkeley, CA