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Report Card

SchoolSpeak can create report cards in exact school / diocese / district format. You can print them or publish and have parents sign online or both. Most schools publish report cards online in the initial terms and print them in the last term.

  • Report card can pull attendance, grade and other information from gradebook. You do not need to manually transfer information available in gradebook. Report Cards can compute honor rolls and GPAs
  • Multiple subject teachers can work on the same report cards simultaneously on their sections - no need to wait for one teacher to finish. This saves significant time and coordination in entering and publishing report cards
  • Finally, the report cards can be previewed online in their exact layout and published at the push of a button. Automated email notification can be sent to students and parents. Parents can print, view, and sign the report cards online
  • SchoolSpeak offers closing and locking of gradebooks and report cards for coordinating grading and report card creation between teachers

With SchoolSpeak's data archiving, you can always look up past year's Report Cards for comparison.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
As a school secretary, I am expected to come up with accurate records from class lists, attendance, health information, student labels, census figures etc. as if it was needed yesterday. School Speak makes me look good, by having the ability to up-date my data easily, generate reports at every teacher's whim, and enables me to be the organized go-to-person a successful school secretary has to be! (And I get to take all the credit....thank you School Speak)
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Doris Salmi
St. Patrick School, Rodeo, CA