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School is a large community. There are folks very savvy with technology and there are many not comfortable with computers and Internet. For a solution to work, it is should be embraced by everyone. It is hard to get everyone trained. So you need a system that does not require training for most users and needs very little training for content managers and administrators.

SchoolSpeak is designed to make roll out, administration and the day-to-day use of the system very easy.

Parents do not require any training. They can easily read, click and find their way.

We have made it easy for teachers to operate the system. Posting announcements is as easy as sending an email. A word processor like interface is provided for editing content. You do not need to deal with HTML. If you would like, you can draft the content on desktop program and upload to SchoolSpeak. You do not have to rely on someone to post your content. We have optimized the teachers’ day-to-day tasks such as posting homework or publishing grades.

SchoolSpeak is hosted and managed by us. So you do not deal with IT tasks such as installation, upgrade or backup. You will be focusing on tasks such as adding a new group, turning on a tool, modifying the profile of a teacher, and giving permission to a parent to send email.

Rolling out SchoolSpeak is very straight forward. You can train teachers, add families and roll out the system in a week or two. We will work with you in each of these steps. You do not register all parents every year and hand out passwords. SchoolSpeak maintains the history as long as the family is in the school. Parents can reset passwords themselves if they forget.

There are no separate areas for administrators, teachers, parents and students. Everyone logs in at the same place. SchoolSpeak presents content, provides options and lets the user operate the system based on user’s profile. If you are a teacher and have a child in the school, you can perform the duties as teacher and parent from the same login. Your home page will have information of your child and the classes you teach. If you are a parent with more than once child in the school, you still use the same login to access information of all your children. Students, if permitted to use the system, have separate login where they can receive only the information relevant to them. Both parents have separate accounts and their profile and permissions can be different. Does a child live with a grandparent? SchoolSpeak does not restrict how many guardians you can associate with a child.


Many programs offer similar options but SchoolSpeak excels with ease of use for both teachers and families. The support team is fast in response and great in working with us to create new features in usually only a day or two. It is unparalleled in other programs (and I have used many of them). That reason alone would be enough for us to choose this service if we had to do it all over again.
Thomas Boles
Technology Coordinator,
Saints Peter and Paul School, San Francisco, CA