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Communication Solutions
Student Information System
Tools for the community

Solutions Overview

SchoolSpeak Solutions - Student Information System, Online Communication, Tools

Customizable Student / Family Data

  • Record any information – allergies, medication, emergency contacts, teacher qualification, and parent work details. Have parents update certain fields online and automatically feed into school forms.

  • More Customizable Student / Family Data


  • Use your attendance codes. Record reason for absence, automatically notify absences, take lunch count and accept lunch payment. Print attendance record at end of the term.
  • More Attendance

Online Gradebook

  • Record student grades any time from school, home or travel using a browser and publish to students and parents when you like.
  • More Online Gradebook

Performance Analysis

  • Data can talk! Three 7th graders need attention in one or more subjects, Dave can be an A+ student by turning in homework on time, Tina’s grades started dropping when basketball season started…
  • More Performance Analysis

Report Card

  • Create report cards in exact school format and publish online or print. Attendance and grades automatically flow into report card.
  • More Report Card


  • Instantly check if your kids have any homework and what tests are coming up. Students submit assignments online. Teachers publish assignments ahead of time.
  • More Homework

Archiving and Data Retention

  • Archive grades, reports and any data for easy access in future. Reuse announcements and homework from last year.
  • More Archiving and Data Retention


  • Retain information of graduating students and their parents and create separate groups like class of 2010, 2011, and 2012 and maintain communication with them. Add fields to track high school attended, university, employer, last donation etc.
  • More Alumni

Volunteer Signup

  • Sign up parents for field trip driving, yard duty, running book fair or parent teacher conference. Send automatic reminders.
  • More Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Tracking and Fundraising

  • Track service hours, fund raising credits, SCRIP purchases against optional family commitment and send periodic detailed statements.
  • More Volunteer Tracking and Fundraising

Electronic Forms

  • Apply to school and pay registration fee online, submit re-enrolment forms online, and print school forms in exact format. Create online forms for any purpose.
  • More Electronic Forms

Online Store

  • Sell auction tickets, school supplies and SCRIP and accept credit card payment online. Manage stock inventory.
  • More Online Store

Lunch Ordering

  • Parents order lunch daily or in blocks and pay online. Teachers adjust lunch count with attendance. Have different price levels.
  • More Lunch Ordering

Online Payment

  • Pay with credit card online. Use multiple payment accounts.
  • More Online Payment

Personalized Home Page

  • SchoolSpeak creates a personalized diary for everyone with all the information and tools in a single page. No searching or missing information. No spam.
  • More Personalized Home Page

Announcements and Newsletters

  • Post announcements, newsletters, teacher pages, forms, information and policies online –school wide, for each class room, team or club.
  • More Announcements and Newsletters

Calendars and Schedules

  • Easily publish school calendar, class events, sports schedule or lunch menu. View all your events in one page. Add events to your personal calendar.
  • More Calendars and Schedules

Mass Email and SMS

  • Easily email or send SMS to the whole school, selected classes or individuals. Give permission to send email/SMS to room parents.
  • More Mass Email and SMS

Summary Emails and Notifications

  • Receive daily and weekly email summary. Notify when grades are published, student is absent or lunch balance is low.
  • More Summary Emails and Notifications

Emergency Notification

  • Quickly reach out to whole school, select groups or individuals via phone message, SMS and email to inform early dismissal or school closure due to bad weather.
  • More Emergency Notification

Mobile Interface

  • Need to check lunch menu on the way home or game location on the way to pick up? Access SchoolSpeak anytime, anywhere on mobile phone.
  • More Mobile Interface

SchoolSpeak brings information and tools that schools need under a single login. We provide simple and easy to use tools that automate everyday tasks, whether it is a teacher recording student attendance, parent signing up for field trip driving or submitting medical and emergency forms online.

Communication Solutions

Communication is essential to a school community and is integrated into every component of SchoolSpeak. Whether you want to publish announcements, newsletters, school policies, schedules or reminders for the whole school, a class room or a club/team, SchoolSpeak has the right solution for you. Many schools using SchoolSpeak have gone paperless. SchoolSpeak’s personalized home page makes sure that every user receives all the information intended for him/her in a single page, in a concise manner, without having to click or search around. There is only one place to look and you won’t miss any information. There is no spam. Only information relevant to the user is shown. SchoolSpeak has integrated emailing and text messaging for schools to reach out to its teachers, parents and students. You can easily email and text the whole school, just a few grades or certain individuals.

Student Information System

SchoolSpeak makes it easy to manage student enrollment, take attendance, record grades, publish assignments, track student conduct and create report cards in school's exact format. Students and parents receive a consolidated view of assignments, grades and student performance data and analysis. They are notified when new grades are posted or if the student is absent or tardy. SchoolSpeak's centralized data enables administrators and teachers to check student progress anytime in few clicks. Data is archived at the end of the school year for easy access.

Tools for the School Community

SchoolSpeak has many tools that save you time, effort and cost in your day-to-day operations - accept applications online, submit medical and emergency information online and create paper forms in the school format, sign up parent volunteers, order lunch online, allow parents to choose time slot for parent teacher conference, track fund raising, log service hours and order and pay school supplies online. We work with schools continuously to improve our solution and add new tools.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
SchoolSpeak has been instrumental in helping us communicate with our parents. It lets us publish all important information: Thursday blasts, calendars, grades, class and school emails, homework, and much more. It has allowed us to go green by posting forms on line instead of printing out copies and sending them home. Given my 31 years in education, I HIGHLY recommend SchoolSpeak!
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Ellen Maguire
Vice Principal,
Carden Academy, Santa Clara, CA