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Summary Emails and Notifications

SchoolSpeak can send automatic email to parents informing student absence or tardy when attendance is taken, notification to parents/students when grades or new report card is posted with links to view the grade or report. Announcements and newsletters can be sent out in email.

Email notification can be turned on/off for each component of SchoolSpeak supporting this feature. A user may turn on/off email notification in his/her profile. Email notification for each new information available on SchoolSpeak can be overwhelming. Imagine a parent with multiple children in school. Receiving many emails from school per day can be overwhelming. Parents may tune out emails from school and may miss important information.

SchoolSpeak has a great solution for this problem - daily/weekly summary emails. SchoolSpeak can send daily and/or weekly personalized summary emails with information that applies to the person the next day or the next week. It includes all critical information: announcements, newsletters, calendars, schedules, homework, grades, report card etc.

SchoolSpeak recommends using email for important messages and turn on summary emails, a single personalized email with all information the user needs to know. School can configure when the summary email is sent out. For example, have all teachers post homework by 3:30 pm and schedule the summary email for 4pm.

You can configure the summary emails to have just the new messages after the last summary email or all messages applicable for the day. Also configure the summary emails to have just the notification of a new announcement with link to open the announcement on SchoolSpeak or the announcement content itself avoiding the need to go to SchoolSpeak to read the announcement.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
SchoolSpeak has been instrumental in helping us communicate with our parents. It lets us publish all important information: Thursday blasts, calendars, grades, class and school emails, homework, and much more. It has allowed us to go green by posting forms on line instead of printing out copies and sending them home. Given my 31 years in education, I HIGHLY recommend SchoolSpeak!
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Ellen Maguire
Vice Principal,
Carden Academy, Santa Clara, CA