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Volunteer Signup

SchoolSpeak signup automates signing up and managing volunteers - whether you need volunteers for running book fair, drive for field trips or assist in library. It is so flexible that you can schedule parent teacher conference or signup for potluck

  • Parents sign up online at the click of a button
  • SchoolSpeak reminds assignees before the event
  • Specify how many volunteers are needed for each signup
  • Removing from signup can be restricted few days before the event
  • Sign up standbys and automatically assign them
  • Lock positions that you want to prescreen
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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
One aspect we liked the best about SchoolSpeak is the ability to customize the pages to fit the needs of our community. Through the group management system I was able to give the various groups permission to do their own work, train some key parent volunteers and they too were excited and began creating their own content. Quick and the willingness to work on the specific needs that arise during the year is just another reason we have gone back to SchoolSpeak year after year.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Joyce Billings
Tech Coordinator,
St. Lucy School, Campbell, CA