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Volunteer Tracking and Fundraising

SchoolSpeak makes it easier to track fundraising, volunteering time, SCRIP purchase, family service hours or items donated

  • Allow users to log the data or the administrator to enter or upload the data in a file
  • Assign one or more administrators to manage the system
  • Set individual, family or class/group goals and track against the goal
  • Track amount spent by the individual/family as well as net contribution to school
  • Individual users can check their entries, total and see how they are compared to the goal / commitment
  • Define categories and individual items for tracking
  • Send email statements to everyone in a single click
  • Download data in a spreadsheet to analyze or import to database
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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
SchoolSpeak has been a wonderful addition to our school. Our parents love that they can access information about the school and their child 24/7. The new mobile app has made it even easier for parents to stay connected. Our teachers love being able to post newsletters, homework, and volunteer opportunities and have responses almost immediately. SchoolSpeak has really streamlined communication at St. Tim's!
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Gayle Renken
St. Timothy's Lutheran School,
San Jose, CA