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1.  Login in using your assigned Login Name and Password.
2.  Click on Profile (upper Right corner of webpage)
3.  Check your profile is correct.
Please make sure all your children that attend St. Francis/Holy Ghost School are listed under "associated with."
If your Profile is not correct, please click on Contact on the top center of the webpage and email the webmaster all corrections.
4.  Click on Change Password (upper right corner of webpage) if you wish to change your password.
6.  Place your Assigned Password in the Old Password field.
7.  Place your desired New Password in the New Password field
8.  Verify the New Password by typing the New Password in the Re-enter New Password field
9.  Click on Change

****Do NOT share your Login/User Name and Password with your children.

Parents have privileges to different areas of School Speak that children/students do not.

For example, only parents are given the privilege to “Sign” documents, if your child logs in as the parent, the student will be able to “sign” for you, without you knowing.

It is highly recommended NOT to share your Login Information with anyone.

Please take a moment to see the type of information that is available to you and your family.

If you remember your Login and email registerd with SchoolSpeak, please fill in the form below. Otherwise contact your SchoolSpeak Administrator. If you don't know your SchoolSpeak Administrator, please check with your school office.