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Please Begin Your 2020-21 Registration Process Here

Updated on Jul 29, 2020 02:58 PM by Pesa, Ivy
Welcome to the 2020-2021 Registration process!
Thank you for making us part of your family. In an effort to maximize our efficiency and reduce paper waste, the majority of the registration process is online. Please complete the steps below.
All fees must be paid at the time your registration packet is submitted. This applies to all registering families, regardless of your tuition situation.
Registration packets will not be processed until all forms are properly completed, fees are paid, and previous balances are brought current.
You may choose to pay your Registration fees with a credit card or check. The fees are listed on the School.SCSWF.ORG website.
If you have any question please contact the school office.
Only one parent from each family needs to complete these tasks.
1:  New Families: Set up a FACTS Account for scheduling tuition payments.
2:  Please complete the Tuition Payment Preference Form (You will need your FACTS account number.)
3:  Please complete the Online Application.
5:  Please gather/complete and submit the following to the school office:
Complete the Letter of Release for Student Records (transfer students) and return to SCS.
Send Confidential Teacher Recommendation Form to your child's past teacher (transfer students.)
Submit a copy of Immunization Records, Birth CertificateBaptismal Record (if applicable.)
Older children if applicable, submit all Sacramental records - 
Communion, Confirmation .
Step 1: Please complete the Tuition Payment Preference Form GO>>  
Step 2:  Please complete the Online Application  GO>>
Step 3:  Please complete the Catholic Parish Affiliation Tuition Rate Form   GO>> 
Step 4:   Submit a copy of Immunization Records,Birth Certificate, Baptismal Record (if applicable) to School Office.
As part of your application process, we kindly ask that you review and complete the recommendation forms as appropriate.
To view the recommendation forms, please click on the St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School name at the top of your screen.