About Us
School Advisory Board

The School Board was established in 2004 as a consultative body responsible for advising the pastor and the principal in matters at the School related to Strategic Planning; Policy Formulation and Enactment; Finances; Selection and Appointment of the School Principal; Development, including Public Relations and Marketing; and Evaluation of School and Board activities. Meetings are held regularly during the school year. Members of the Board have varied expertise and experience, and they include current and alumni SJF School parents, SJF parishioners, and local community members.

Board Members:
Katie Traxler(President)
Msgr. David Sork(Pastor)
Anne-Marie Hudani(Principal)
Greg Alessandra 
Cheri Bailiff 
Eileen Loughran 
Eileen Morris 
Bea Osborne 
Katie Traxler
Maria Stamolis
A.J. Johnson
Jim Marley
Mary Fournier
Tracey Martin
Nick Tonsich

Applications for School Board membership are now being accepted. (Download)