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Emergency Notification

To notify emergencies such as early school closure due to inclement weather, you can Text message the whole school community, selected grades/teams or selected individuals through SchoolSpeak. You can control who can Text message through SchoolSpeak. For example, a coach can be given permission to Text message the team to convey unexpected schedule changes. Parents can choose to receive only Emergency messages from school.

SchoolSpeak also offers phone and text messaging through SchoolMessenger ( With SchoolMessenger you can send instant phone messages and surveys or schedule them for future. You can target the whole school, few grades or few individuals for the message. Home, work and/or cell phone can be selected for message delivery.

Changes made by users to their phone numbers are synchronized every night with SchoolMessenger to ensure that the latest contact information is available while notifying.

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SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Parents love being able to have immediate access to all their children's current information. Parents no longer have to take their children's word whether they have homework assigned or how they are doing in a class. All the information is available at a central site 24/7.
SchoolSpeak Testimonial
Leslie Edwards
Technology Coordinator,
St. Joseph School, Mountain View, CA