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All-in-one School Management Solution.

Your School, Brought Online.

Everything school administrators and parents needs to know or use, from school announcements to fundraising solutions, SchoolSpeak brings online in one place.

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SchoolSpeak Features

Technology to run your school.

All school information and tools seamlessly integrated under one login.

Solution to Schools

Solutions for Schools

A simple integrated all-in-one solution for your school community.

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Standards-Based Grading

Standards-Based Grading

Adapt standards-based grading to your school/diocese using our customizable grading and reporting tools. Connect standards through lesson plan, assignments, assessments and reports.

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Solution for Dioceses

Solutions for Dioceses

Standardize grading, reporting and data collection across your schools. Our powerful data aggregation tools provide access to real-time and snapshot data.

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Best-of-breed solutions for K-12 schools


School Management Solution

  • Student and family information
  • Attendance, Gradebook, Report Cards
  • Standards-based grading
  • Online communication
  • Tools for school community

True Integration

  • Financial Aid
  • Admissions
  • Enrollment
  • Billing
  • Tuition Management
Diamond Minds

Payment Solutions for Schools

  • Credit card payments
  • Bank transfer (ACH)
  • Secure Wallet
  • Purchase Cards for staff
  • Payment reconciliation

We are Community Brands

Your school at your fingertips.

Everything anyone needs to know or use – announcements, schedules, homework, grades, report cards, behavior reports, lunch order, fundraising opportunities, volunteer signups, online forms, reenrollment and payments - logically organized in one place, accessible from anywhere.

SchoolSpeak app in App Store and Google Play
SchoolSpeak app in App Store and Google Play

Gradebooks for teachers(IPad)

On Cloud

Accessible online anywhere

Quick Roll-out

We setup and load your data

No IT staff required

Managed by Principal, Secretary or Teacher



Thomas Boles

Technology Coordinator

Many programs offer similar options but SchoolSpeak excels with ease of use for both teachers and families. The support team is fast in response and great in working with us to create new features in usually only a day or two. It is unparalleled in other programs (and I have used many of them). That reason alone would be enough for us to choose this service if we had to do it all over again.


Bonnie Massmann


We have used SchoolSpeak for three years and it has been a great time saver for our office staff. Instead of distributing paper newsletters by hand or by mail we now drop our newsletter onto the portal and we are done.


Doris Salmi


As a school secretary, I am expected to come up with accurate records from class lists, attendance, health information, student labels, census figures etc. as if it was needed yesterday. School Speak makes me look good.

News Highlights

Community Brands Completes Second Phase of Enterprise Initiative with Launch of Integrated Software Platform for K-12 Schools

Press Release  October 24, 2018

SchoolSpeak and Community Brands are thrilled to announce the new ..

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Partnership with the Diocese of St. Cloud's Catholic Community School

Press Release  February 1, 2018

SchoolSpeak, a leading cloud-based school management solution for Catholic dioceses and K-12 schools nationwide, is excited to announce partnership with the Diocese of St. Cloud's Catholic Community Schools.

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SchoolSpeak Joining Forces for Schools

Press Release  January 24, 2017

SchoolSpeak, a leading cloud-based School Management Solution provider to K-12 schools and dioceses is excited to announce we are formally joining forces with Education Brands, a division of MB Parent Holdings, LLC based in Knoxville, TN.

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Communication Solutions

Personalized Home Page

Announcements & Newsletters

Calendars & Schedules

Mass Email & SMS

Summary Emails & Notifications

Emergency Notification

Mobile Interface

Student Information System

Customizable Student / Family Data


Online Gradebook

Performance Analysis

Report Card


Behavior Tracking

Archiving & Data Retention


Tools for the community

Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Tracking & Fundraising

Electronic Forms

Online Store

Lunch Ordering

Online Payment

More Tools

SchoolSpeak was started by parents in technology industry and educators. It started as an initiative to reduce paper used in schools and make communication and engaging with the school community more efficient.


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