To support the continued maintenance and improvement of the enhanced SMS service, schools who wish to utilize SMS will incur a small usage fees starting August 1st 2022. Details for the fees are below:


      Text Messages:

      Text messages will be charged at $0.06 per text message, invoiced monthly, unless a school chooses to pre-purchase a bundle of text messages. Text bundles can be purchased at any time and will provide schools with a reduced per-text rate as follows:


 Number of Texts

 Bundle Price

 Per-text rate



 $0.0575 per text



 $0.0550 per text



 $0.0525 per text



 $0.0500 per text



 $0.0475 per text



 $0.0450 per text



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SchoolSpeak was started by parents in technology industry and educators. It started as an initiative to reduce paper used in schools and make communication and engaging with the school community more efficient.


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