Each school is unique.

Standardize the essential and allow schools to customize the rest. A win-win situation for schools and dioceses.

Standardize across schools:

• Attendance codes and permanent records • Standards, rubrics and assessment schemes
• Progress reports and report cards • Behavior and health reporting • State, federal and diocesan data fields
• Implement standardized tests • Tools for reporting


Live diocesan dashboard

  • View all schools in one page with live enrollment and absences.
  • Review past data and view trends.
  • Drill down demographic data by school and grade level.


Data collection

  • Define and standardize data to collect.
  • Set a period for data collection and monitor live.
  • Contact submitter, view/download data.


Third-party Integration

  • Standardized tests, enrichment programs, teacher tools.
  • Unify data from all schools and sync with third parties.
  • Process data from third parties (e.g. standardized test results).


Diocese-school communication

  • Share diocesan announcements, calendar with school staff and parents.
  • Email all schools or individual grade levels.
  • Look up anyone in school by name or profession.


SchoolSpeak Lite

  • For use while schools transition from other SIS.
  • Minimal data input by school.
  • Supports diocesan functions.


School board portal

  • Separate account for school boards with different admins.
  • Share information and communicate from diocese.
  • Mentor and monitor functional teams at school level.

Benefit from other dioceses

Would you like to see what standards other dioceses use, what assessment schemes and parent reporting were effective, how they trained teachers and rolled-out to schools and how to collect accurate data from schools in a timely manner? Our diocesan community is eager to help. We would love to connect you with them.

Communication Solutions

Personalized Home Page

Announcements & Newsletters

Calendars & Schedules

Mass Email & SMS

Summary Emails & Notifications

Emergency Notification

Mobile Interface

Student Information System

Customizable Student / Family Data


Online Gradebook

Performance Analysis

Report Card


Behavior Tracking

Archiving & Data Retention


Tools for the community

Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Tracking & Fundraising

Electronic Forms

Online Store

Lunch Ordering

Online Payment

More Tools

SchoolSpeak was started by parents in technology industry and educators. It started as an initiative to reduce paper used in schools and make communication and engaging with the school community more efficient.


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