Where Christ Embraces All


Why Choose SFC Preschool

Our program prioritizes each child so they have the proper amount of time to develop social skills, explore and connect, learn academic concepts, and build the confidence needed to enter into kindergarten and have a successful academic experience. During the early years the focus is on social and emotional development, combined with an academic program that allows for learning based on each child’s needs.

Our goal is to instill in young children a lifelong love of learning by providing a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment- one that promotes self-esteem, respects family diversity, encourages personal growth and helps develop a close relationship with God.

Key benefits our program offers:

  • A curriculum that is flexible and introduces academic concepts based on each child’s readiness
  • Comprehensive set of enrichment activities including Spanish, art, music, and movement
  • Dual-classroom set up: one area for imaginative play and exploration and another for the more traditional, teacher-led academic activities
  • Individualized attention and designed small group settings to promote learning based on each child’s needs

"I currently have three children enrolled at St Frances Cabrini school and all of them started in the PreK program. I have one more child that will be coming next year. My oldest started PreK here 8 years ago and I can't say enough about how great our experience has been from the very beginning. The most incredible part of the school is the community and families that go here, everyone looks out for each other and for the good of the school. Many of my closest friends are families I have met here at SFC when we started PreK. Our family has been able to have experienced having all of the PreK teachers teach at least one of my children - and we love each one of the PreK teachers and their wonderful aides. They have made it possible for our little ones to have the very best experience their first year in well as for us parents as this is an emotional time for us too. My children have been able to gain a well rounded education and have developed strong friendships here. With my oldest child getting ready for high school we are blessed that SFC has given him the foundation needed to prepare him. My family loves St Frances Cabrini school and the wonderful community!"

"The preschool 3's class is an exceptional program and exactly the type of first school experience that we wanted for our twins. They love going to school each day, and love the songs, art and play activities. The teachers are amazing, and the warmth, love and kindness that they show all the children while teaching them to respect and socialize with each other is the epitome of what a preschool should be."

"I am a returning alumni of St. Frances Cabrini and I have decided to raise my son in the school I grew up in. I was happy to hear they had a 3-year-old program that was fairly new and available. I decided to enroll my son in the program and so far he is enjoying school. Now as you could imagine, I had a really hard time sending my son off to school, because he was always with me every day since he was born. On the first day of class, his teachers Mrs. Piazza and Mrs. Atherton were so sweet to my son and myself. They were very comforting and reassuring to all the children. It made me feel at ease and that made it easier for me to continue on with my day. Of course, there were days where my son would cry in the mornings and did not want me to leave. Both teachers would step in and help with that transition and I would leave the classroom with a heavy heart to some degree, but by the time I reached my car in the school parking lot, Mrs. Piazza would send me a brief email with a photo of my son happy and playing with the other children in his class. That was a huge plus for me and made me realize he was in good hands. I always enjoy when my son comes home from school and talks about his day and shows me the arts and crafts they did in class. He is always so excited and proud of his work. I would definitely recommend this school to my friends. It is a great community of people and everyone is so accepting and nice just walking down the hallways."