Where Christ Embraces All


Why Choose Saint Frances Cabrini

Thank you for your interest in Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School. For over fifty years, SFC has been committed to providing a safe and caring environment, one that is spiritually engaging and intellectually stimulating. Our goal is to educate the “Whole Child” academically, physically, socially, and spiritually.
This is what differentiates SFC from other schools:
  • Academic Strength: In addition to the strength of our core academic program, there are full-time dedicated teachers in art, science, music, and Spanish courses.
  • Relationships: Through participation in the many volunteering opportunities, the school fosters and promotes a strong and deepening sense of community, where children, as well as their families, are able to develop lifelong lasting friendships - many refer to their SFC life-long friends as extended family. It is very common to hear of SFC families who vacation and dine together and even become Godparents for each other’s children.
  • A Sense of Purpose: Children matriculate in a spiritual environment where a greater sense of purpose is embraced and developed. 
  • A Safe and Positively Sheltered Environment: In addition to physical safety, our children are guided and encouraged to develop skills that help them recognize and manage emotions, build positive relationships, and make good decisions.
  • Leadership: Students have continuous opportunities to demonstrate and develop character and exercise good judgment, a strong and fundamental foundation that allows them to excel in high school and beyond.
  • Nurturing and Belonging: Children engage in the Buddy Program, where older students are tasked with caring for and guiding younger ones. This provides an opportunity for younger students to look up to the older ones who learn responsibility and empathy for their younger peers.
  • Inclusiveness and Respect: Children learn to be accepting and respectful of everyone by understanding that while people share differences, the commonalities which unite us are more valuable than the differences.
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