Where Christ Embraces All



The curriculum at SFC has been designed to exceed the Common Core requirements while also allowing teachers the flexibility to expand and/or modify academic content to fit the needs of their students. In this manner, teachers are able to apply a variety of teaching strategies based on grade, subjects and student needs and abilities. The SFC teaching style focuses on project and problem based learning, in small group collaboration, and in tailored group learnings based on student skill and ability.
Embracing the whole-child philosophy means reaching beyond the traditional classroom teaching, and in thriving to build connections across disciplines and topics of study. As such, our teachers are constantly looking for opportunities to instruct outside the classroom; these learning opportunities are inclusive of field trips, experiential community service opportunities and in focused hands-on problem-based group projects. 

The SFC math program strives to provide a solid foundation that prepares students for advanced computation, comprehension, and problem-solving in high school and beyond. Students deepen their understanding of the core mathematical concepts learned in primary grades (numbers and operations, geometry, measurement, and data analysis) and develop new strategies for algebraic thinking and problem-solving, working with ratios and proportions, and other topics. Learning math is an active process, and classes are built around a mix of real-world applications, hands-on learning projects, and guided lessons.

By the end of eighth grade, most SFC students who complete our math program in good standing will enter high school on an accelerated, college prep track.  


Saint Frances Cabrini School employs three science teachers in two science labs who are dedicated to teaching the subject in a hands-on, explorative manner. Two teachers are assigned to grades one through five; demonstrating scientific concepts as outlined in the NGSS curriculum standards for each grade. SFC also has a science teacher for grades six through eighth. The curriculum in sixth grade is Earth Science (Geology). Seventh grade's curriculum is focused on Live Science (Biology) and the eighth-grade year is a combination of Chemistry and Physics.

Saint Frances Cabrini School offers a technology curriculum to its students which is very unique. Our program provides variety and integration to supplement the common core subject teaching methods. The curriculum is a consistent, spiraling program that is integrated with their classroom work. The school's philosophy is to provide the students with the tools to be successful at SFC and beyond. Students learn to use the Google Drive tools, and software such as Prezi, Glogster, ST Math, Seesaw, EdPuzzle, Memrise, and ALEKS. 

Technology is an essential tool in SFC's classrooms. All of the teachers utilize ceiling-mounted projectors, DVD players, and document cameras. Students and teachers watch the SFC daily morning announcements which have been created and edited by Mrs. Davis and our Student Council Members.

Technology in the Classrooms include:
  • iPad program for Centers in grades K through 2nd
  • Classroom Chromebooks in grades 2nd through 4th
  • 1-to-1 Chromebook program in grades 5th through 8th
Language Arts
The Language Arts program at SFC seeks to create insightful students who are prepared for a rapidly ever-changing world. Language Arts instructors believe in collaboration to develop understanding and facilitate global learning. The curriculum aims to encourage critical thinking skills necessary for thoughtful analysis of literature and nonfiction as well as essential writing techniques that support all forms of writing- expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative.  
Faculty use differentiated instruction and technology to engage students, maximize learning potential, and make meaningful connections beyond the classroom. 

With two Spanish teachers, SFC's Spanish program spans Kindergarten through 8th grades. The program starts with a Spanish class once a week in the lower grades and moves progressively to three sessions per week by the time a student reaches the 8th grade. As the students move up through the program, all aspects of learning the language are emphasized - vocabulary, grammar, writing, and speaking. Technology is integrated into the curriculum with students utilizing Memrise, StudySpanish, Seesaw, and EdPuzzle applications regularly. Our goal is for SFC's students to be ready to take Spanish II when they enter high school.


Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School strongly believes in the education of the "Whole Child" and includes music in the curriculum for kindergarten through 5th grades. In the program, the students will learn to read sheet music, as well as music theory. They will learn about music history (composers, types of music, etc) and perform a number of different songs. The students will start learning to play a recorder in 3rd grade and the various grades sing and play songs at Christmas performances and year-end celebrations.

SFC has a choir for students in grades 3- 8 that performs at Masses, the Christmas Performance, and other events. Additional music instruction is available through our After School Activities program on Violin, Keyboard, and Guitar.

Saint Frances Cabrini School offers one of the finest and most comprehensive art programs in the area. Students in grades kindergarten through 8th attend weekly art classes where they explore every medium from painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics (utilizing the school's kiln) and learn concepts such as color theory, shading techniques and drawing in perspective. Offering an art program is one more way SFC strives to provide a broad and comprehensive education to benefit the "whole child." 
Please feel free to visit the SFC Art blog to get a glimpse at what our students have been up to!  
Religion is an essential part of Saint Frances Cabrini's daily curriculum. First through eighth-grade students attend a morning Mass once a week. For SFC's Catholic students, the sacraments of First Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation are included in the curriculum. The liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent are highlighted during the school year.

While a majority of SFC's students are Catholic, families of all faiths are welcome and are represented at the school. The non-Catholic students will participate in religion class- not to attempt to convert them- but to include them completely as full members of the SFC community. We have found that our non-Catholic families are looking for exactly the same things for their children - a school which includes the development of a good moral background, making good ethical choices, and respecting the dignity of every individual as part of the education of the child.

Physical Education

At SFC, we feel strongly about the development of our students academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. 

Physical Education Program

With two PE teachers, Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School offers a Physical Education Program for grades preschool through eighth grade, with a frequency that varies from one to three times a week depending on the grade level. Preschool and Kindergarten students are exposed to a motor skills class along with two PE class each week. Our program includes the President's Physical Fitness Program as part of the curriculum for grades four through eight. The national average for passing all of the components and earning the Presidential Patch and Certificate is 15%. The performance of our students has increased every year and now more than 60% our students in grades four through eighth earn the patch and certificate.

After School Team Athletics

We offer a "no-cut" athletics program for students in grades 5 through 8.

  Fall Winter Spring
Boys Flag Football Basketball Volleyball
Girls Volleyball Basketball Field Hockey

Students play other schools in league play as well as in tournaments. Our students can also participate in an annual Spring track meet each year against all of the elementary schools in the diocese. The meet is held at one of the Catholic high school in the area. The top three students (by gender, by grade, by event) are selected to participate in the individual events through try-outs, but any interested student (grades 5 to 8) is guaranteed to at least participate in relays.

Outdoor Education
Saint Frances Cabrini School provides a number of opportunities for its students to learn and enhance their education through field trips. These are all events which are closely tied to the curriculum for the particular grade. For example, fourth grade typically travels to Columbia in the Gold Country and Mission San Juan Bautista as part of the Social Studies curriculum on California history. Our sixth-grade students attend science camp at the Caritas Creek Outdoor Education Program in Occidental for over twenty years. Their trip is a 5-day, 4-night trip. Our eighth-grade students visit Camp Hammer in the Santa Cruz Mountains each Fall for a three day, two-night retreat.  Some classes attend plays or other events. SFC also brings various groups to the school for enrichment opportunities. For example, our fifth-grade students participate in a Colonial Days events on campus and the San Francisco Shakespeare Company visits and performs for the Junior High students. 
Social Studies

The social studies program at SFC seeks to cultivate in every student a global understanding of the past and present, an appreciation for the complexity of a diverse society, and an awareness of the world and its problems. In addition, the social studies curriculum seeks to increase critical thinking skills, the ability to communicate clearly, and the capacity for making educated, moral decisions as a global citizen.