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Athletics Program

At SFC, we feel strongly about the development of our students academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. 

Physical Education Program

With two PE teachers, Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School offers a Physical Education program for students preschool to eighth grade, with a frequency that varies from two to three times per week depending on the grade level. Preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students are exposed to a motor skills class along with their PE class each week. Our program includes the President's Physical Fitness Program as part of the curriculum for grades 4 to 8. The national average for passing all of the components and earning the Presidential Patch and Certificate is 15%. The performance of our students has increased every year and now more than 60% our students in grades 4 to 8 earn the patch and certificate.

After School Team Athletics 

After school team athletics has been a tradition at SFC. The program focuses on exposing students to a variety of sports while emphasizing effort rather than skill or a mere focus on a win/lose attitude. In our 'no cut' program, the goal is to instill a love for sports and team activity, learn sportsmanship, and achieve improved physical fitness. 

The students play with other local schools in league play and tournaments. SFC carries a proud culture of achievement, generally placing first or second in all activities in which our students participate. Our students can also participate in an annual Spring track meet each year against all of the elementary schools in the diocese. The sports activities vary through the year: 
  • Fall Sports: Flag Football, Volleyball, and Dance
  • Winter Sports: Basketball and Cross Country
  • Spring Sports: Field Hockey, Volleyball, Track, and Dance